Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cocktail Chronicles?

What is The Cocktail Chronicles? Nothing more than a fancy name for we like to go bar hopping and I thought it would be fun to rate/review the bars we go to. I'm not talking corporate places...we avoid those like the plague. I'm talking about those little hole in the wall type places. Some of them are real shit holes but those are sometimes the best places to go. And sometimes, it's best to run in the other direction.

Currently, we live in northern MN but we prefer crossing the bridge to WI for our drinking pleasure. It's cheaper over there, the pours are better, usually, and even the people are more friendly.

While I have a few saved up, I'm off to a bar now and that will be the first 'official' post. Why? Cuz it's my darn blog & I'll do what I want! Seriously...well, you'll just have to wait & see.