Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off the Wagon

When we first started going to this bar, it was Adam's Last Call. Owned by a guy named, obviously, Adam. He was a nice guy from somewhere in Eastern Europe, I believe. He would gab with us and even gave us a shot of his special reserve vodka once. We loved hanging out there. But then for reasons that I won't go into, he had to sell the bar. So it's now Off the Wagon. The new owners are just as nice as Adam and they haven't really changed much about the place, other than the name and cleaning it up some. Even though it's in Superior it was and still is a Vikings bar. Probably it's an all MN sports bar but we don't pay attention to any other sports.

They still do an awesome pour as they kept on most of the old staff. Like the vast majority of WI bars, they don't serve food other than pizza. I think they have two kinds, one from a local place, Lil Nick's, (which I've heard is very good), and the other from one of those 'bar' pizza companies.

Like so many bars, this is an old one. It has a lot of the original woodwork, to include the bar and the behind the bar area. It also has some beautiful stained glass on either side of the mirror that sits behind the bar.

We really like this bar. It has become 'our' place to hang out. Attending Vikings games there is a lot of fun. Adam would have food and drawings and we only hope the new owners will do so as well. I'll let ya know in a few months.